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Below you will find useful information that will facilitate your journey as you homeschool your children.

Grading and Grade Scale Information

Please note that school districts in SC will follow a 10 Point Uniform Grading Scale, approved by the SC State Department of Education. All courses at DFHRC will also follow this grading scale as the  uniform grading scale of SC schools.

South Carolina Requirements for High School Diploma

Information from South Carolina Department of Education

Curriculum Requirements: The student must earn a total of 24 Carnegie Units (Prescribed units of credit). The unit requirements are distributed as follows:

English/Language Arts 4.0
Mathematics 4.0
Science 3.0
U.S. History and Constitution 1.0
Economics 0.5
U.S. Government 0.5
Other Social Studies Course(s) 1.0
Physical Education or Junior ROTC 1.0
Computer Science/Applications (Include Keyboarding) 1.0
Foreign Language or Career and Technology Education 1.0
Electives 7.0
Total 24.0