Liesha Huffstetler

Jim is married with one daughter and four grandchildren. He has a BA in History and a Masters in Administration. Teaching is his fourth career. He has been teaching Latin, Russian, History, and Math to homeschool students for 16 years.  He has been on 30 mission trips, mostly to Eastern Europe. He enjoys fishing, languages, working out, and mostly playing with his wife and grandkids. He is an elder at Chapin Presbyterian Church.
  • 950 Old Lexington Rd. Chapin, SC 29036
  1. Bachelor of Arts in History
  2. Masters in Administration
  3. Homeschool teacher for over 16 years
  4. Elder at Chapin Presbyterian Church
  • Award-winning Latin instructor
  • Over 30 mission trips mostly to Eastern Europe
  • Teaching is his fourth career