Lisa Baghdady, M.A.T.

Lisa holds a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A.T. in Secondary English Education, both from USC. She was a state certified Journalism and English instructor and taught in several public schools before the Lord called her home to instruct her own children many years ago. She has taught many different Language Arts/English courses, including helping to establish an award-winning Journalism program at Dutch Fork High School. Lisa and her husband of 30+ years have seven children: one who has gone on to glory before them; four successful college graduates (a research scientist; a manager for an international company; a graduate student seeking his PhD in Chemical Engineering; and a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Clemson), and two she is still homeschooling. Lisa stays busy educating her own, co-directing and instructing at DFHRC, and working part-time as a professional proofreader/copyeditor and writer. In addition to homeschooling, her passions include reading, in-depth Bible studies, gardening, traveling, kayaking, and enjoying time with family and friends.
  1. State certified Journalism and English instructor
  2. Founder of award-winning Journalism program
  3. Professional writer and editor
  • Research, teaching, and public service
  • B.A. in Journalism, M.A.T. in Secondary English Education
  • Public school teaching experience