Biology I


This course provides an introduction to the methods and concepts of biology. Topics included in this course are the scientific method, the five-kingdoms classification system with an overview of each one, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, genetics, theories of evolution and creation, ecosystems, and more. There will be a heavy emphasis on the vocabulary of biology. The course will be offered at the college prep or honors level. Classes will include discussion and review of the text that the student will read and study at home between classes and also labs, lab reports, microscopic analysis, dissections, other activities, and quizzes. There will be 1 or more field trips planned. Occasionally, the student will be required to collect samples at home of items the class is studying: fungi, insects, leaves, flowers, etc. Tests will primarily be take-home to allow more time for instruction and labs during class time. In order to have the best class experience, there will be a 3 student minimum for the class to be conducted

Course Textbooks

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